Services to the Scottish and Worldwide Aquaculture Industry

We offer a range of services to enable fish farming companies to comply with environment regulator and planning authority requirements.

For sites in Scotland these include but are not limited to DEPOMOD modelling, bath treatment modelling, benthic surveys (baseline, standard and site-specific), hydrographic surveys (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) or other types of current profiler where required) and environmental statements.

For international fish farms, our work has involved sites in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean but this can be undertaken worldwide. Where fish are grown in marine pens/cages we have predominantly used site-specific ADCP data and, to date, the industry standard MERAMOD modelling (there has not been a great deal of modelling carried out east of the UK but new models are being developed and we will be able to utilise these when released based on country-specific regulatory requirements). This model is used to determine the predicted benthic footprint of the proposed or existing site to obtain regulatory and/or customer approval. It can subsequently be used to recommend a benthic sampling regime that is complaint with the subject country's regulatory requirements.