TransTech  Environmental Consultants - Fish Farm Freshwater Modelling
TransTech  Environmental Consultants - Fish Farm Freshwater Modelling

Freshwater Site Modelling

We use OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-ordination and Development) eutrophication modelling techniques and SEPA approved methodologies.


In Scottish freshwater lochs with low trophic levels total phosphorus (TP) is the factor which can lead to eutrophication (nutrient enrichment). Excessive supply of phosphorus in water can result in eutrophication, yet phosphorus itself does not cause eutrophication, it is the trophic responses to the nutrient enrichment such as high algal biomass, dense growth of macrophytes, and reduced transparency, which can damage the value of the resource for industry, potable water supplies, nature conservation, fisheries and recreation. 


The concentration of chlorophyll-a in the water is an indicator of the trophic response to nutrient enrichment. All freshwater plant life contains this pigment and high quantities of chlorophyll-a indicates high levels of plant growth and poor water quality.


For sites where a production increase is required or for sites where there are concerns with compliance we can use current and historic monitoring records and present day feed composition to model the carrying capacity of the freshwater loch. 

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