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TransTech  Environmental Consultants - MERAMOD Modelling

MERAMOD Modelling

TransTech has significant experience in the use of MERAMOD to determine the fate of waste from marine cage sites outside of the UK.


MERAMOD was developed by the Scottish Association for Marine Science following successful validation and provision of benthic deposition and in-feed treatment models that have been adopted by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for marine finfish culture in Scotland.


The detailed and rigorous nature of the MERAMOD model follows that of DEPOMOD and its successor AutoDEPOMOD (both adopted by SEPA) whereby development and validation has been supported by other worldwide organisations with a view to its introduction as a supporting mechanism to regulate sea bass and sea bream production. Full details of the model are available here.

Amongst the capabilities of MERAMOD is the prediction of flux or total deposition of waste material (faeces and feed) at the seabed discharged from mariculture operations which include the prediction of benthic effects and impact. This is achieved using semi-empirical relationships established between modelled flux (g solids/m2 bed/yr) and observed descriptors of macrobenthos based on species farmed, abundance, biomass, abundance/species and other matrices.

The model has been validated for several sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fish farms in the Eastern Mediterranean; "however the use of this model is not restricted to operations of these species, the Eastern Mediterranean environment or fish wastes"(1).

The MERAMOD model specifically uses faecal and waste feed settling rates for sea bass (or sea bream). The parameters used by the model are well suited to the expanding Barramundi fish farming industry.

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(1)  Cromey, C. J. 2008. MERAMED – Development of monitoring guidelines and modelling tools for environmental effects from Mediterranean aquaculture.

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