TransTech  Environmental Consultants - Visual Seabed Survey
TransTech  Environmental Consultants - Visual Seabed Survey

Visual Seabed Survey

TransTech regularly carries out visual seabed surveys for proposed new fish farm sites and where required we can also carry these out at existing sites. For the surveys we normally use an ROV linked to a LCD display and hard-drive/DVD writer hired through a supplier we regularly work with.


Fish farm sites are getting bigger and likewise modelled benthic footprints are becoming much larger. Given this increase in size the required survey transects can run to 1km or more. Consulation with SEPA is the key to reducing the amount of work involved in gaining representative data for large sites. We can carry this out and agree on dropdown locations at intervals along the transect(s) to reduce the amount of work required.


Our surveys include a written report identifying all species captured on video and a DVD containing the video footage of the survey transect(s) for submission to SEPA.


We can also write up visual surveys that have been carried out in-house by fish farming companies (e.g. by diver or ROV) so that they meet SEPA submission criteria.


For more information on our visual seabed survey services please call the office on 01631 720699, or if you would like to request a fee quote for your project contact us by email at

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