TransTech Environmental Consultants - Slow Worm Survey Scotland
TransTech Environmental Consultants - Slow Worm Survey Scotland

Slow Worm Survey

All of Scotland's reptiles are protected to some degree but some have greater legal protection than others. Slow worms (Anguis fragilis) are protected from being
killed, injured and sold under UK legislation.


If slow worms are found to be present on land which is being developed, all
development must be halted until a survey has been carried out.


We can carry out a survey to confirm the presence of slow worms and can advise of mitigating measures such as fencing, creating hibernacula and translocation to a suitable habitat. Mitigation measures are site specific and will be assessed in close liaison with Scottish Natural Heritage.


TransTech will produce a report suitable for the planning process. This will identify potential impacts on the species, suggest mitigation and any further work required.


All surveys are carried out as soon as is practical to do so, ensuring that the development proposal is not unduly delayed.


We carry out slow worm surveys throughout Scotland which includes the Western Isles and Argyll, Lochaber, Ardnamurchan and the rest of Highland down to Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.


For more information on our slow worm survey services please call the office on 01631 720699, or if you would like to request a fee quote for your project contact us by email at

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