Blog Post #1 23rd July 2019

New TransTech Blog!

Welcome to our new blog. We will publish this regularly to give an insight into what we are up to. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you would like to see some of the more interesting things we do in the world of environmental consultancy.

Environmental Consultancy
Not a bad view from a site!

Last week’s site visit

Last week was a real mixed bag weather-wise, always something of a challenge when you are trying to balance days on site with days at your desk. In an ideal world we would have glorious weather all the time but being based on the west coast of Scotland we have more realistic expectations. Still, a few nice days every week to facilitate site visits would be good!

An Ecologist’s dream…..

On balance last week wasn’t bad however, with glorious sunshine on Monday and Tuesday followed by three days of rain which forced us back to our desks and our reports. I know the weather might look cloudy in the picture but there is blue sky there! Not something we rely upon in this part of the world….. Another bonus was that the site visits were local so no travelling or overnight stays necessary. Third bonus was that the client required both Environmental consultancy and Ecological surveys so all our skills came into play on the one site. We work closely together on so many projects that a lot of our survey skills now overlap. This can often save our clients time and money by combining these skills on our initial visits to their site.

Environmental Consultancy
Environmental Consultant in his natural habitat!

Going Forward

This project will be an interesting one going forward. Garret is identifying the flood risk on the site and using his expertise to model predicted flood levels and risk. I will concentrate on the ecology of the development site and assess the current suitability of the habitat. This determines what measures the client will need to put into place to ensure species are protected. This is a large development in an incredibly scenic area but the clients are so enthusiastic about protecting the environment they are developing. This is making them a pleasure to work with! We will keep you posted with the progress on this one.