X-rays and Aquaculture – 6th August 2019

As environmental consultants we take great care of all our equipment and the tools we need to carry out our work. We look after these things as best we can because to replace them is expensive and without them we can’t do our work.

Last weekend saw a (non work related) breakage of a different kind though….


The x-ray shows Garret’s right arm but I am happy to report that he is becoming very proficient at typing with his left hand and his work hasn’t suffered at all.

Luckily this week he has been entirely desk based working on newDEPOMOD modelling for our aquaculture clients. This software was developed as a follow up to AutoDEPOMOD by the Scottish Association for Marine Science here in Oban.

The software enables us to help our clients meet SEPA’s aquaculture regulatory framework and to adhere to environmental standards.

For more on our range of services to the aquaculture industry please see our website or contact us for further information.

Meanwhile we will try not to break anything else. Including any other parts of our managing director…..

Fish Farm, Argyll